Friday, May 20, 2011

entry sabtu.

Assalamualaikum & monink geng.

Dh lme xupdate blog n x bw.terlampau busy dgn test test,esaimen n presentation serta lepak dgn kwn kawan tersayang.stress byk keje sampai saket kepala saket perut.oh,sll bmasalah bl nk skrg dh ok,blh rehat sebentar bersama week bz lg plus exam dh dekat..ade geng ajk blk ganu pn xleh ikot.stdy lg penting.mmdgkn ade ms free ni ak b'bw lah kn n bace sesuatu yg bt ak hot pastu tergelak.ak pn seorg yg emo jgk tp xdela smpi nk mgate org dlm blog..over uuu.haha

Ak nk share something :
"it doesnt seem like you are mature enough if u critics someone in your blog without knowing her at all.its getting really funny when you said that she was the one who is not matured.ignore her ciklaraa.whats important,your family n fren know who u really are." from cikfarah.20 years old.

Daaa..chill sudeyh.

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